Project RoutinEDA:

A large variety of organic contaminants end up in the water cycle. This is of concern as they
might adversely affect ecosystem and public health. Bioactive compounds can be identified
using Effect-Directed Analysis (EDA) approaches. In this project, a previously developed High-
Throughput EDA platform acts as the basis to achieve routine EDA. Bioassays will be developed
and/or miniaturized that can direct the identification of (metabolites of) antibiotics,
pharmaceuticals and compounds causing oxidative stress. The project will address the most
relevant toxicological endpoints while demonstrating a high identification success rate.
Furthermore, screening protocols for successful identification of active compounds will be
developed based on Met-ID principles. RoutinEDA will finally advance EDA to nanoscale in
which post separation microfluidic spotters will be combined with microarray toxicity bioassays.

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