Project AdoX:

Removal of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) from wastewater treatment plant effluent is
becoming more and more important. Current wastewater treatment plants are not equipped for removal of
CECs. Much research is carried out into the removal of these compounds by oxidation, adsorption,
biodegradation and combination of these processes. However, these processes are characterized by high
costs, a large environmental impact and limited selectivity for CECs. In the AdOx project an innovative
process will be developed based on adsorption of CECs with zeolites, and chemical regeneration of
exhausted zeolites with ozone. The AdOx process integrates adsorption and oxidation and is expected to
result in the removal of a wide range of CECs as compared with alternative technologies. The process is
also suitable for a cost-effective and sustainable alternative regeneration technology of exhausted
adsorption material.

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